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How To Achieve Extraterrestrial Contact

This page describes the currently-known methods that I am aware of for achieving peaceful alien contact.

What you need to know...

First off, alien visitors are real and the friendly ones are performing with us something called the Disclosure Process: Eyewitnesses and believers spread the word into the social consciousness as continued sightings and interactions are experienced around the world towards the goal of full ET Disclosure to the peoples of planet Earth.


For the betterment of all mankind.

1) If we are to have positive interactions and communications with our visitors many of us should attempt to make contact with them to begin the process of getting to know them.

2) We are currently a species lost without our true history; this is unhealthy for a species moving forward into the galaxy. ET Disclosure will unveil our history and bring us closer to our cosmic neighbors than most are anticipating.

3) A dark cabal has been hiding this history from us and the actions of this cancer upon humanity is coming to a head and the only way to diffuse this is to have the truth of the ET reality and our connection with them exposed for all.

Why now? (are we ready?)

Yes, polls show enough people have their mind around this that we are ready. Aliens agree with this as the number of sightings is on a slow increase with a noticeable elbow between 1995 to 2004 and more recently they have been more bold with the locations (New York City and Jerusalem for instance) at which they have been witnessed.

What are the risks?

Many, there is a human dark cabal with advanced alien technology at their disposal that may be going around abducting people and attacking people with psychotronic weapons in an effort to scare that living shit out them. There are also negative ET forces that can harass individuals in a number of ways. This can often happen to contactees to "screw up" their over all perspective of ET's. This fear exists and should be considered before joining in the field work. But, all in all, the more of us reaching for contact the faster this will all happen. So ask yourself... "What's more important to you, your safety or being part of history?"

Contact Methods

There are 3 methods I'm aware of so far for achieving peaceful alien contact.

A) Technology Driven Human Initiated Extraterrestrial Contact Method

B) Internet Request Method

C) Meditation Method

A) Technology Driven Human Initiated Extraterrestrial Contact Method

Despite my conclusion that Steven Greer is part of the dark cabal that is lying to the planet about ET's I do find these protocols to be ingenious and have had success with them.

Dr. Steven Greer has developed, over the years, a set of protocols (added to by me), these are:

1) Walkie-talkie for broadcasting *Contact Tones previously generated by aliens on a free-to-use and alien-monitored frequency.

2) Laptop with speakers or some type of sound generator (boom box) for playing the Contact Tones into the walkie-talkie.

3) Laser pointer displaying repetitive beats towards the sky.

4) Thermometer for detecting ufo's as it has been recorded to find temperatures to rise 10 to 20 degrees F during an encounter.

5) Standard Camera

6) Video Camera (VHS tape recorders are known to function better than digital when near strong EM fields)

7) One or more radar detectors powered by batteries. This allows aliens to signal us that they are approaching.

8) Lawn chairs for the party to sit in along with a table for the equipment and assorted foods and beverages.

9) If a camp fire is included we need a huge container of water to put it out immediately should an encounter begin.

10) Put something on the internet announcing your intent for contact, location and equipment being used so that the extraterrestrials that are monitoring the internet will be alerted to the request.

*Contact Tones: These can be found at with a purchase of the ET Contact Tool for iphone. The contact tones I used in the Colorado Close Enounter Of The 5th Kind can be found Here. These are a combination of the Disclosure Project CE-5 tones and the tones from the movie "Contact".

Never point the laser pointer directly at a plane of other phenomenon as you could blind a pilot and then the FCC will pay you a visit and perhaps throw you in prison. You really do need to act professional when conducting field work.

Also, I tend to do things overboard and you probably only need a few of the items above such as the internet contact request and a laser pointer, so bear that in mind.

What do we expect?

A high altitude power up or something along the lines of a close encounter of a craft at close range (100 meters for instance). Anything beyond this is more than I can reasonably expect. However, should a craft actually land the following should be kept in mind. It is unwise to a approach a craft until it has landed and I would wait for a door to open and a wave signaling us to approach or a telepathic signal welcoming us to approach. This is because the fields around the craft can create a discharge from the craft through your body and to the ground.

What do we do?

This is completely up to you. I would upload the video to youtube and contact friends and family. I would also have a vote afterward, based on the experience, on if going directly to the media is the right decision at that time. Also keep in mind reporting the event with and

B) Internet Request Method

The idea here is to attempt to get their attention by sharing who you are with them while asking for contact. I can verify that this method does work as I wrote for 3 weeks everything that was important to me about the universe, the earth and our lives down here along with a rather professional request for confirmation of their presence. Within 45 minutes of uploading this 27 page paper to the internet I saw my first of several UFO's and my contact series began. The following is a video I made describing the first contact experiences I had with them starting in October of 2010.

Here is the internet request that I used in July of 2013 for my second CE-5 event. Making this contact a combination of the internet request method and the CE-5 protocol method. Here is the report from that night.

C) Meditation Method

This area is very murky but I have had success with it so all I will offer is my own experience.

Within days of my initial contact I began meditating and attempting to "see" the eyes of an ET. For weeks I focused on this goal while meditating. Finally, one day while meditating with my eyes closed and with no warning the face of a gray appeared directly into my meditation; very much right in front of my face in terms of how close it was. It's was a shocker for sure!

Please keep in mind that there are dangers involved in opening your mind to tech and forces out there that you are requesting to initiate telepathic communications with. If the ET's want to communicate to you inside your mind they will likely do so after a UFO first contact event and not prior. You will not be sure who is communicating with you if you do begin to receive communications through this method so question everything you hear and never never take orders from them. If negative forces start in on you then your only hope is for the friendly ET's to take over the communications, which is a big thing to ask of them. So, basically what I am saying is don't try to communicate with ET's with this method.

In Conclusion

To any of you that do attempt to gain ET contact via the first 2 methods I say thank you, you are doing a service for mankind in doing so. Many of us have had a rough time of it but in the chronicles of history you will have performed a noble deed.

Best of luck,

Cj Freseman

Originally written 2012 and modified September 2015.

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