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Extraterrestrial Species And Spiritual Life Forms

The following information is from personal experience. The naming conventions below are my own. Species are listed in order of fastest minds/comprehension size to lowest. This typically leads to a tech advantage hierarchy also.

Greenies : Tier 7. The master strategists of the galaxy. When there are massive space wars these are the guys that come in to win it. They are the most trusted species by the righteous in the galaxy. If there is anything like a Jedi, these guys are it. They nearly always work with Hyperdimensionals. They are a combination of Gray and Reptilian attributes but are a unique species. They are capable of shape shifting to a large degree and can also stretch their neck and limbs a long distance. They are purely a space fairing species meaning they do not go through the process of growing up on a planet pre ET Disclosure.

Glowaliens: Tier 6. They live in high UV environments. The planet in the movie Avatar is what their home worlds look like as most life there is capable of producing light. According to what I was told they were the first life in the galaxy and lived around massive stars before there were the yellow dwarfs that most life lives around now. They think differently than other ET species and are very difficult to predict. The best way I can describe it is they think in a slanted way. Like, you will end up being perplexed by their actions or language at times but then later realize it did actually make sense. They evolve from aquatic life forms similar to Jelly-Fish or Squid.

Advanced Reptilians: Tier 6. They evolved from a type of dinosaur like the Reptilians. Their standard telepathic communications are in a more whispering voicing. This is all I know of them.

Yellow-B's (This is the name the Anunnaki gave me for them): Tier 5. They can shape shift in scaling vector graphic like manner. Extremely quick minded and often a favorite of many species. The females are delightful in personality in an Elven manner. As the males said, "ya, and we "get" to live with them". Females are typically yellow or green and the males are typically green but they can be any color they want. The tubes atop the head can produce vocalizations, meaning they can talk to more than one person at a time out loud. They are purely a space fairing species meaning they do not go through the process of growing up on a planet pre ET Disclosure.

Jackalopes: Tier 4. A type of space fairing reptilian. They are rugged and powerful yet you can think of them as having gentle ears as they are very kind despite their ability to win wars when called upon. The species is fully covered in fur.

Mantis Insectoids: Tier 4. Extremely quick thinking. Masters at pattern recognition and pattern prediction. The Mantis are one type of insectoid species of which there are many.

Reptilians: Tier 4. This is the primary species of the Anunnaki. This is the species I interacted with the most and know the best. They actually do not have a tail nor the snout and do look very human in the face. They evolved from raptors on Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy. Reptilians maintain the brain functions for the snout and tail and use tech/suits to create these body extensions that their mind can naturally interact with. They can shape shift a bit with the muscle they have around their face and can change the color of their skin a bit. Usually they are that dark green color but I did know some that were pure black. Reptilians tend to be highly motived by honor and can exhibit incredible levels of restraint thus are a good species to embed with negatives so as to spy on them. They have a fantastic vindictive sense of humor that I just love. They can create many vocalizations as they have multiple sets of vocal chords. They are extremely talented with replicating the thought patterns of other species; when these guys study an enemy they will know the enemy better than the enemy knows itself. YOU BEST BELIEVE IT. A more detailed description of the Reptilian Anunnaki can be found here: The Anunnaki.

Gray-Insectoid Hybrid: Tier 4. This species was created by the Insectoids and is not normally in existance and they would have had no soul just like any clones created by the Grays.

Grays (2 types shown): Tier 3. There are many many types of Grays; they are in such high number around the galaxy that they can be thought of as the life's blood of the galaxy. They usually can hold everyone else together. Normally they hate war, just hate it. A more detailed description of how the Grays really are can be found here: The Grays.

Ancient Reptilians: Tier 2. They are a type of amphibian reptilian.

Greenie Squish's: Tier 2. They can be thought of as an amphibian reptilian'ish species that looks like the Glowaliens but are green with a different biological makeup than Glowaliens. They are a very fun and excitable species.

Space Age Humans: Tier 1. They can look Caucasian (white) or African black or Hispanic and other variations. I don't know much about them but it seems that humans do not advance much past a tier 1.0 mental level.

Rodians (As named in Star Wars): Tier 1. A space fairing buggy-reptilian species. Typically they are arguementative and competitive in personality. This doesn't mean they are hostile in general. The ears, in reality, are smaller than shown in the image and their skin isn't all bumpy the way Lucas has it.

Space Age Elves: Tier 1. Space fairing humans. Have the required lobes to make use of telepathy tech as do all the above species. They are cunning and a fun species to get to know despite how protective the males are of the females whom are absolutely wonderful.

For reference Earth Humans are at about Tier 0.6 with a deviation of 0.1 or 0.2.

Spiritual Life Forms

The tier structure of the spiritual realms is even more diverse. There are numerous levels of Aetheric 3D beings. As your soul gains experiences either in regular 3D or the spiritual domains you gain mass and density to your soul. Eventually you can become powerful enough to be let into the multidimensions where existence is significantly different. Imagine seeing in every direction from every point within a volume for instance. The most dense and most dimensional spirits are the Hyperdimensionals and some of these would be the Arch Angels.

Spirits do use tech but as you get into the highest dimensions it is the love energy of the spirit that drives their tech or weapons. The velocities and strength that these beings are capable of is astronomical. As an example multidimensional spirits can stretch a portion of themselves from the Moon to Earth to help with private communications. The biggest of them can create near instantaneous communications across numerous light-years and can travel multiple times the speed of light.

Life In The Cosmos

Most life in the Cosmos normally lives in regular 3D, the Aetheric 3D and the Multidimensions. Often souls are placed into the fetus of a species that is meant to help the soul develop or gain/regain attributes. If a soul is weak in terms of not maintaining good ethics, or being a coward or no longer appreciating participating in a healthy society they will often be placed in a pre space age planet that is also a prison planet for weak or dark souls. This is a way of exhausting some of the negative tendencies of a soul and to get them to fight tyranny again rather than participate in it. After a few lifetimes on a corrupt planet the soul in the next lifetime on a healthy planet may appreciate that type of life again and quit being such a pest.

Spiritual realms can sometimes weaken a soul and if restructuring a soul is needed living a life with a regular 3D frontal lobe can add needed structure and endurance to the soul. The frontal lobe developed in a lifetime is layered onto the soul during the lifetime such that who you were in a previous life becomes part of you in the spiritual realm after. Likewise, there is an interaction between the soul and the brain of a developing fetus. This is how you have much of your souls' personal traits and the mind of the 3D being that you grow up to be will feel like you.

Living a new life in regular 3D can be very rewarding. Spirits will sometimes place known soulmates near each other or work to get them to run into each other during a life and more often than not they will fall in love again. Hyperdimensionals have shared with me a similation game they play vs each other where each one attempts to setup love stories during the game while derailing the love stories the other is trying to setup. Sometimes the story that unravels during this game is so beautiful and so inspiring the apposing player will help the other to get their love story to work out. I have heard that occasionally after a game that got terribly complicated and included a massive challenge they will look through archives to see if the story they created has actually happened. I'm sure then they go to check up on those individuals and I would imagine they tend to help them in their lives as a way of saying thank you for living such an awe inspiring story.

From what I have been told the spiritual domains can be incredibly beautiful. The more multidimensional you are the more colors there are to be seen. I was allowed to see into the Aetheric a few times and indeed the colors there are more vivid than what we see in our regular lives. Beings in the higher levels of the Aetheric seemed to be about 3 times faster than regular 3D. Clothing can shape shift as your mind there can control your clothing. The more advanced spirits there are capable of self teleportation via higher dimensions and are capable of incredible travel velocities.

In general regular 3D is for war more than the other domains. If a soul is looking to prove themselves and looking to get into combat or needs training again how to handle ones self in combat much of this can be done in regular 3D, it is less dangerous for them to work that out in regular 3D as the tech in regular 3D is far less dangerous than in the spiritual dimensions. A lot is done to prevent spiritual tech runaways as this can get wildly dangerous and souls can get terribly hurt by this. If a soul is terribly hurt in regular 3D or the spiritual domains you can be taken up to a safe place in Heaven to heal. There will always be some souls of your family there that will care for you and will be so pleased to get to know you again. Likewise if you get too soft in Heaven or have lost touch with the struggles that happen in the regular cosmos you can be kicked out again to go participate in the real action. The Odyssey truly is the story of the soul.

May you be blessed to live in interesting times,

Cj Freseman

September 2015