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Liberty And The Free Democratic Republic

While socialism and other top down systems of governance have all claimed to "sound good" on paper they, in reality, have rarely functioned well. Much of this has been because countries have been driven into this state of governance by tyrants, who offer a nice sounding paradise, but had intended to enslave the people from the get go.

So, maybe the top down approach can work? No, and here is why... You would have to guess right at the best application of every guiding governmental mechanism averaged out throughout an entire country. This framework may exist but then the universe moves forward and things change and now you are behind for sure. Every change you make at that point would have to be a guess and, if you understand chaos theory at all, this is the type of tampering with complex systems that is exactly what will run them out of control in the first place.

Group think and a pure democracy are the equivalent of, at best, the most average person being put in charge. This is not ideal and if you have ever noticed that when a group of people all get chatting they tend to normalize down to the intellect of the lowest IQ'ed person in the bunch. That doesn't sound like a good prognosis for pure democracy in my opinion.

A Free Democratic Republic then, functions with the application of as few rules as possible with decisions being made at the lowest position of authority as possible (ideally of course). This allows for counties and states to attempt a variety of approaches in numerous locations at the same time, all then, within a core framework. Think of a spiderweb laying on its side with a structure (Bill Of Rights for instance) as the web itself and the areas in between as being where the variations that induce innovation occur. You can try one thing in one area and if it works well someone somewhere else can try those ideas in their area. So the whole thing can then percolate towards the better solutions.

So, to me, this means that capitalism and freedom do work; so wtf has gone wrong?

Act Of 1871
Basically, instead of undoing the 3/5th human thing for black people, they went ahead and made the USA a corporation and we all lost our rights.

Federal Reserve Act Of 1913
The Federal Reserve is a private bank that loans the USA money at the cost of interest. The first to receive the money can make the most off it and the last to receive the money (via loans) owe the most money on that money. The money paid to the IRS (the scam debt payback scheme), which we are told is to payback the Federal Reserve, is fueling the New World Order. We are paying to be slaves. Like some weird high-tech slavery reality TV show that you pay money for to go get trapped inside of.

Corporate person-hood along with the function of the IRS have guaranteed a trickle up effect. So what has happened is the standard shaped bell curve that describes the distribution of "money per person" vs "the number of people with that amount of money" has become bifurcated. The top 1% have sucked up most of the money and have now broken away from the now declining middle class which is merging into a sorta upper-lower class blending with the impoverished.

Wealth Distribution

The solutions to all this horse hockey, in my opinion, is going to be the application of competing currencies and a simple sane tax system. Something that will allow for a more evenly distributed flow of currency. The best way to help the poor is to have as big a middle class as possible. The reason this is true is because there is more opportunity to gain wealth as decent paying jobs are not a scarcity and a healthy middle class is going to be way way more charitable (on their own) towards the poor than any other monetary demographic. A progressive, but mostly flat tax (flat from $30,000/year up to something like one million per year and then kick it in for those freaks who just need more and more no matter what), is probably what it takes to maintain a healthy money per person bell curved distribution of wealth. The reinstatement of the anti-trust laws (which were meant to prevent the corporate monopolization we have now) and the removal of corporate person-hood are required to undo the croney-capitalism we have now and to begin to restore a more healthy form of capitalism.

All in all then, we don't need to agree on everything and really hardly anything, just a few core principles such as the anti-tyranny framework of the USA Constitution. But really, honest people in any system of governance can work. I simply think a democratic republic has been more resistant to tyranny than other forms of governance and, as a result, it has taken a whole lot more effort out of the dark cabal to destroy than other non-liberty based systems.

What is the solution?... A republic, if we can get it back.

Cj Freseman

Originally written 2012.