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Welcome To The Real World

This website is for those who have engaged in a great deal of research into the UFO phenomenon. It is designed for those who are familiar with most of the common stories that are out there but have as of yet to piece together a large-scoped full picture for what is happening around us.

When investigating our ancient past or the UFO phenomenon and attempting to apply the scientific method one is mostly left without the most important part; the evidence. In the absence of hard evidence that one can put their hands on the next best thing is explanatory power. Does the possible explanation being offered encompass the truths we are aware of and provide a reasonable motivation for the actions one considers to be occurring? This is what I am providing on this site.

I am a contactee and have been on telepathy tech with Extraterrestrials and Spirits for over 4 years now (end of 2017). As you read the articles on this site you will read about my story and learn about the over all situation that Earth finds itself within.

Cj Freseman

September 2015
Updated 2017