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A Deconstruction Of The "New Age Theosophy" Meme Set

Memes are a form of idea that can be transferred from one mind to another. Memes can exist as a set of memes (a framework in the mind) or a single idea. Paradigms are the full interpretation of a set of memes and are far more stable than any one meme.

To have ones over all paradigm changed typically can take years as small memes change until a flip in the system (a cascade) occurs. The epiphany. "Ahh haaa!" says the mind when a missing piece connects many memes that were previously isolated. Paradigm shifts can also occur in sudden jolts. The loss of a loved one, a first UFO sighting and so forth. These accomplish the change but in a far more unsettling fashion unless well anticipated.

The New Age meme set targets the religious processor of the mind which is in the mid frontal right brain tucked behind the right temple. This processor is triggered by particular language such as "sacred" or "divine" while simultaneously over-riding the logic processor. One meme I have noticed functions as such...

All is one. Ok, and this helps us how? I mean, fine, you can say that on some level the consciousness that all sentient beings experience has a similar nature to it and on that basis we should all care about each other (a nice thought), however, New Ager's run with this meme to the extreme. God is within, or simply just "is" all living beings, and then even further, God is EVERYTHING. I mean, c'mon now, do we really need to focus so much energy on an idea that is essentially meaningless (especially if you have respect and wonder for all life in the first place)? How does taking this to some lunatic level help anyone? In addition to this over simplified meme chanting sounding rather silly it also trips up the left brain a bit, as to the logic processor the statement "all is one" is the equivalent of saying infinity is equal to one and that the entirety of something is an equivalent of one's self. Boom, the logic processor returns confusion, while the religious awe inspired processor is stimulated. Do this enough times and the logic processor is excluded from the thought process. You now have an active unbalanced meme functioning in your brain, which now avoids some of the benefits of your left brain.

Another meme we have along with us that is included in the New Age theosophy is from the Christian religion - unconditional love for anyone and everyone. Love your enemy type stuff. This is non-achievable in any practical sense and is down right dangerous in the midst of an aggressive psychopath. The results of this meme is the pacification of the individual, an enabling of those wishing to control them along with a guilt producing failure mechanism as this un-achievable goal can not be reached.

Gaia and her miserable pests the humans. Oh how self-righteous it is to profess ones contempt of the human race's ability to manipulate its environment. While it is true that our climb through technological adolescence could easily be less stressful on the environment this is a process of development and is not something to run away from or deny. This is a rejection of reality, technology and the process of discovery called the scientific method.

Spiritual narcissism and group think. As a science student I never needed someone to enter a room and mention E=mc^2 just to help us feel secure about its validity as a commonly understood theory. Yet, repeating memes to each other is a popular pass time of the New Ager. This repetition helps memes strengthen their grip while bonding with people that can regurgitate a nearly identical sentence as previously said in a conversation. During the onset of this syndrome each meme set is likely siphoning from the other individual to re-enforce its installation.

Logic, to the deeply indoctrinated, is offensive as the left brain is less stimulated by logic and by the end of the onset an even average logic problem can be confusing for the individual. This is like feeling your way through a story problem; it doesn't work. Further suppression of the left brain can make anticipating events difficult as the feel of ones hopes takes over ones ability to account for the logic of others or the intent of those who think even mildly different. This can result in confusion and a longing for even more group think requirements. In essence, once this thing gets going it will snow ball and ultimately a full blown psychosis can occur; the final stage of a runaway New Age onset.

In conclusion the New Age theosophy is mind poison and should be resisted if one wishes to remain a functioning member of society. This article is written out of concern for my fellow beings on this planet. Although this will be utterly offensive to some I feel these points must be brought into the light to encourage the questioning of them as our struggle for peace of mind on this planet continues.

Peace, progress and beyond to all,

Cj Freseman

Originally written 2013, updated 2015.


"What's the meaning of life?" you may ask. I say the answer is in the question; it's whatever gives your life meaning. Figuring out for yourself what's important to you is one of the most wonderful freedoms any of us really has. Please don't let a belief system take this away from you.