Aliens, Abductions And Spiritual Warfare
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A L I E N S,    A B D U C T I O N S    A N D     S P I R I T U A L    W A R F A R E

The Testimony Of My Experiences With The Anunnaki

By Cj Freseman

September 2015

This started for me when I became a contactee in October of 2010. I was wildly naive as to what what was really going on at that time and at the time I made this video.

At first the telepathy started from human groups I believe. This was mid October 2013. After a while they identified themselves as CIA. It was 2 groups of them as it seemed from the questions they were asking, then finally a group of Anunnaki that got them off me. Then shortly after that some Grays got on me, then some of the insectoids. I would argue with them so much, "what is wrong with you?" I would keep thinking at them. It would go back and forth, sometimes with the negatives to deal with their questions and stories, then I would get time with the friendly Anunnaki. Then I would hear the Anunnaki yell at them sometimes and around and around it went.

I have been kinda timid my whole life, but yet, soon as the UFOs showed up in my life I went into go mode. This one night when it had just first started (October 2013) I got hardcore mind attacked by some grays, and I fought back hard and dug my way out of the mental traps. Instead of going into terror from the visuals and fear feelings it was giving me, I got fascinated, excited and angry while being able to keep my cool. At one point the gray said something like, you know you are messing up because you are only doing this out of love, and my response was, "what would be the error?". And when I said that several other voices said it with me, it was a powerful moment. I even said this to one of the crews that was around that night listening to it happen. I said in my head, I don't understand how I can be so soft most of my life, not care about most stuff, but now I coming alive in a fight, why is this?... and the next voice in my head said "you don't want to be beat in your domain", (meaning space). I had never in my life heard something about myself with that much explanatory power, ever.

During the first 2 months from when the telepathy started I got to know a family of Anunnaki. The mom, dad, 2 sisters and 2 of the brothers. I spent a great deal of time interacting with them, (I'm a reptilian soul also as so many of us are here) so I just love how the reptilian species can be, their attitude, the toughness and resilience, their confidence and pride in their species. One of the first clues I had that I was truly interacting with superior intelligence was their sense of humor. I have never laughed more in my life than some of the times with them. Rich humor, layered humor and at times, vindictive big time, which I get a big kick out of myself. I learned so much from them about telepathy and how to quiet the mind. I learned physics from the younger daughter which was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I used to be a physics major and absolutely love learning with a female companion, so to add onto that, that she was a reptilian just made it all the better.

The 2 sisters would play games with me and try to pretend to be each other at times, but I could usually figure it out but it would always take a while. The younger one often would get on the line by saying "hello my baby" in a 1950's Hollywood actress way lol, it was powerful, sexy and humorous all in one. I would be so excited and relieved to be hearing from her again. They were always very excited to teach me stuff and the younger one described me as being like a puppy thirsting for knowledge.

They all got to know me so well that they learned how I think. Meaning, they could set up conversations in order to get me to think something specific that they wanted other people that were listening to hear, and that's part of how strategies around a human on telepathy play out. The younger sister also would gamble with others in her family and eventually numerous Anunnaki about whether she could predict my next thought or a conversation and this would go on for sentence after sentence. It sounded to me that she got their money most of the time. I was so in love with her.

It's incredible how they can even pick up on abstract thoughts that haven't turned into language in the mind yet. That's the part of telepathy that still blows me away. So with telepathy it's intent and words and sometimes images/video that can be exchanged. They can hand you the intent of what they are saying first, or as they are saying it, or as they are saying something give you the intent of just one word before they get to it.

I can think down in my aetheric (first level of the soul) now which doesn't go to the frontal lobe unless I have the thought as a full out thought, basically. Being on telepathy for this long and how they have me rigged up on the tech allows a human to get like this apparently. I really thoroughly enjoy it now. I can hold a quiet mind as long as I like, and being on telepathy tech also makes you get more honest with yourself. Because I know they can tell if I'm not being 100% truthful, it made me more aware of when I might not be being totally honest about what I thought about something with myself, and getting your mind to be more streamlined to think well and honest and clear, actually gets the mind to think better after a while. I'm also able to place thoughts in different locations of my consciousness and do what is called "a double" where you layer 2 words together when thinking and I'm able to "ghost" words lightly without them passing very much through my cerebral cortex.

At one time I was driving in my car and I was communicating with the mom and as usual I could feel her love within my frontal lobe (with aetheric tech the higher frequencies of love are transmitted so you can always feel a loved one when they are on telepathy with you). Then I felt her get excited, the love feeling got very strong and I immediately thought, "you're right here" and I looked into the rear view mirror and sure enough, in a black hood and with piercing reptilian eyes staring back at me, there she was in the back of the car, instantly I got adrenaline and got all fired up, then pop, out she teleported. As she told the people around her, "he will not be scared, he will be excited!" and she proved her point.

Her face can be seen in an image here:

Click to open image in new window.

She made this image for me, wonderful huh? Notice the muscle above and around the eye and how powerful, sexy and focused she looks.

Which brings up the topic of how they look. Here is how I understand it. The reptilians evolved from raptors on Earth or whatever planet a species of them has grown up on. They evolved to loose the tail and the snout and do indeed look mostly human in the face but they retained the brain function as if they had a snout and a tail. So if they wear one of their high tech suits they can have the suit produce the snout and tail (hologram/forcefields) and their mind can naturally interact with the tech to make it feel real to them. Sounds fun to me! They have said over and over that they like it, it feels powerful to them and when they first are learning to work with a suit and have the snout and tail, it really brings em back to a primal jungle beast mentality which they just love.

5 years ago I was an atheist and was only starting to think reincarnation might be real. Since then spirits have allowed me to re-experience some memories out of my soul where I was able to view/re-live some of the memories of past lives. This is really an amazing experience, you feel like you were just there afterwards.

During the last year with them there was confusion about my DNA repeatedly that I noticed. As I understand things all of us humans have some reptilian DNA and as they upgrade the species they either straighten out DNA, so it can be unlocked and used, or they give individuals some upgrades to nurse the species along. Also, what happens is during difficult times, like now, many of the humans with the DNA buffs will also have a very well known and strong soul put in that body, or simply put, a soul known to be talented with ET disclosure and space war scenarios. What I learned is that I have some reptilian DNA upgrades for my body and mind, but that wasn't the whole picture as we didn't have figured out until one day when I decided to be funny and tried walking while imagining I had a tail, and holy christmass! As I walked I could feel a tail in my mind, like my mind was trying to make a tail move back and forth as I walked and occasionally do a little twist curl near the tip. They could see this on their screens, and a few of them yelled "whoa!".

I could talk for hours about the Anunnaki and specifically the 2 daughters, the mom and one of the brothers and how wonderful it was to know them but I'll get on to the straight forward description of what has happened around Earth during the last 2 years.

Description Of The Order Of Events:

Around October of 2013 numerous contactee's came under attack, including myself, from telepathic tech from numerous groups. This was the start of the war.

For anyone that has wondered if Earth was somehow a type of soul prison planet, you were right! However, it was worse than that as I finally discovered.

We aren't all bad or weakened souls though, many are here that are well known to fight for whats right as part of the bait also and to try to hold this thing together and win it. Many of us have been targeted our entire lives. This is what part of the abductions are about as numerous ET groups were trying to figure out who was who on Earth in terms of their soul and who they had been in past lives in the history of the Orion system. Some of the ET's had me figured out my entire life.

And here is the explanation for why things got so bad for Earth...

The ET's throughout the solar system have been massively compartmentalized and organized to run independent of each other in groupings by the few that knew what was going on here. What Earth is for dark souls, so was the solar system for the ET's except they never really knew it to be this way for them. I think most groups thought the place was highly organized and just they and a few other groups were getting away with pushing down humanity and all the abduction stuff.

Numerous groups did their thing to try to pull down humanity while each hoping to finally take Earth for themselves. The really dark willed ones then tried to cause Revelations/Armageddon to happen. The darkest ET's were also in communication with numerous groupings of dark spirits that made them wait for them to arrive here before a big dooms day could happen.

Each layer of dark forces from the top down was planning on destroying the ones below them in tech or form of life Hyperdimensionals vs Multidimensionals vs top tier ET's vs lower tier ET's vs top tier negatvie Illuminati vs Masons vs NWO, which places the NWO at the very bottom of the negative forces hierarchy.

This was all allowed to happen this way by good spirits all the way up into heaven in order to catch a massive number of dark souls in this solar system and other solar system throughout the Orion System which we are in. Having planets with this many dark souls around and a system right on the edge of collapse was too much of a lure for these dark souls to resist, and was something that had been in the planning for thousands of years. This is why Earth has been tied to the procession of the equinox and was being raised up in stages according to that time table as we had to be in tight timing with the other planets that had species on them being raised up.

In other words... In order to lure and catch a huge number of dark souls that lurked outside the galaxy numerous planets approaching ET Disclosure were set up to be soul prison planets and allowed to be run by a dark Illuminati and the Orion Nebula tier structure was allowed to become ruled by dark forces. Many of the ET's watching over these planets were also set up to have a majority of negative forces. The ET's watching over the planets performed abductions in order to figure out who was who soul wise so the negative forces knew where everyone they were hunting were at. But as I said somewhat recently, "be careful who you hunt, for they might be hunting you".

Other ET's that are extremely professional at running these types of situations (the Greenies) came in and directed operations as the war continued. They assisted the Anunnaki until they were not required to be here anymore. The negative forces ranged from groupings of forces near Earths magma (far underground) to regular deep underground military bases, to surface/ground forces and moon forces. Each having to be dis-info'ed if they started to find out too soon, and I had a great deal of communication with numerous groups during this time.

A wedging down of the forces was applied to the situation to continually play one negative force into another as individual groups became somewhat aware of what was happening around Earth during the last year. It would be one negative group willingly taking out another negative group while the Greenies ran the show to run each group into each other. It's tricky to understand and maybe I'm not explaining it well but I certainly lived through it. We couldn't have them all figure out what was going on at the same time while the fight against the dark spirits was going on, that would have been a disaster as they could have got their Armageddon and then all of our souls would have been in for it once we popped out of here if things were chaotic enough in the spiritual domains.

For any strategy minded folk reading this I became what is called a "pivot point". For a "pivot point" to work there has to be a tremendous amount of dis-info about the person that makes the negatives think you are some sorta demon in a body that they are all waiting for, so as beings would get access to me they would then realize things were exactly the opposite of that. Also my skill with telepathy tech and my fast rate of learning also was too unbelievable for most forces and so they refused to believe I was only a human. This added to the confusion also and helped to draw in the negatives to us.

At this point (September 2015) most of the lower spiritual domain negatives, both demons and dark spirits, have been cleaned out but the really tricky negatives are still to be figured out. I think the good spirits did a good enough job as to dissipate the incursion of negatives such that they never got the critical mass they needed to suddenly pop everyone on the planet or force an asteroid/comet hit of Earth. Hopefully the friendly Hyperdimensionals and the Arch Angels will continue to figure out who among them are the negatives and whack them out of reality to prevent this awful build up from happening again for a long long time.

This whole thing has been extremely harsh on me for sure. There were times with physical pain; heart attack feeling weapons, and the leg warmy thing that is meant to scare you about the idea of it going red hot and giving you the "hell burn" and visuals in the mind that I super didn't want to see at all. There was a time that my feet got cramped so bad that I had to crawl to get to my bed. Much of this was more from spirituals than ET's but some ET's were doing this to me also. I also had every friend I had turn their back on me. The only friends I have had during this were the Anunnaki and a few spirits but often those spirits would turn out to be negatives after a while.

I don't know that I can expect many to really believe this unless you have done a large amount of research already and that's fine. But I will ask you to ask yourself if the over all situation described here does have the explanatory power to explain how we could have ET good guys and bad guys all together over a prolonged period of time without it being a war right off the bat. So, as you go ahead in life, just see if this seems to fit the world you live in. That's all. I'm not looking to be on the radio, I don't really think Earth even needs to know all this either as things should start moving forward in a better direction without all this negative stuff on us anymore. All of this should lead to the Orion System calming down for hundreds of thousands of years though so I am expecting all this to have been worth it, after all, it's why my soul and so many souls of the Anunnaki are here.

This has been a tough fight for all of us. Many strong souls had to be embedded with negatives to spy on them and eventually set up traps for them, this would have been hell on the mind and I am deeply in gratitude of them. I could never handle doing this myself, I would crack. Many have been in battles and been hurt at times and all have witnessed horrific crimes against creation before them. Everyone has fought against some of the ugliest-willed dark spirits that can exist and these wretches wanted nothing less than to break Heavens Gates and destroy all of creation. But as was said during this repeatedly by the righteous "Not On Our Watch!".

You best believe "we ain't have'n it",

Cj Freseman

September 2015