Of Truths And Lies
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Elements Of Research 101

It was said to me once that "truth is the lifes' blood of a healthy society". Truth can be a rarity and I want to point out some of the reasons why I think this is so.

For the most part Humans are better liars than they are truth discoverers. It doesn't take much to make up something that sounds "good enough" to hide a truth. People do this all the time, they down play their own errors and accentuate the errors of others during most conversations it seems and that's just one tiny example.

Discovering Truth

As Mark Twain said "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled". When comparing 2 variations of a story people will often let their belief system determine which story must be true. Then when asked if that is what they really think the truth is, they will say "we'll that's what I believe". The very fact that, that sentence is used as a rebuttal in place of a reasoned explanation for a conclusion that one has arrived at is an act of defeat by the person in itself, but they will never know that of course. So off they go with a concluded truth that they have little to no reason to substantiate. Often I wonder though if deep down in the subconscious a person knows they really are faking it.

Figuring out truth is difficult, a lot of facts have to be reviewed. When someone is presented with several explanations for a particular event and only one of them is the truth right off the bat you have the probability of being wrong if you can only guess. Also, people tend to believe the first explanation they hear, then when you give them another explanation since their mind has already accepted an explanation and invested their ego into accepting this original explanation they have to now throw that one out along with admitting they were wrong and then accept a new truth.

If the truth doesn't arrive on a persons' TV from a smiling face authority figure at no cost to the viewer the viewer themselves must receive the information from another source or find the information themselves then attempt to think about the information in order to decide if it is reasonable or not. For a lot of people this is a scary proposition, if truth is debatable then I, myself, have to be the judge of it and how can I really ever know if I'm right? But that is fine, and now we are getting somewhere. As William Cooper said "Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research". This is a great attitude to have, meaning review every side of something before you start judging particular facts as being either true or false. This helps for 2 reasons I can think of, you don't accidentally mark something as wrong right off the bat that ends up being true thus wasting a lot of time and having to undo your perspective later, and second, the more information/stories you take in the more you are able to organize in your mind what I'll call "Dis-Info Packages".

Dis-Info Packages always have a reason for existing. They are meant to satisfy the curiosity of someone researching a particular phenomenon while simultaneously hiding a truth and usually also directing someone in another direction which often can have a negative impact on the seeker of truth or anyone listening to that person. But with any good lie there is always a few grains of truth embedded within it. I will use the New Age Theosophy Meme Set Dis-Info Package as an example.

"You must raise your frequency" or "your goal in this life is to heal" a New Ager will say. Fine, "but what does this frequency thing actually mean?" you can ask them, and that conversation can go a few ways, but in reality this has to do with the soul as the highest frequencies (wavelengths of the shortest length) has to do with how tightly structured your soul can get. The more tightly packed the fields the more tightly packed the particles that make up your soul can be which leads to more access to extra dimensions and a more massive, resilient and durable soul. The highest of frequencies are related to being a loving soul as the converse (to be full of hate) results in a more scrambled composition of geometries and frequencies thus acts as a limiting factor on soul size/density/capability (which is a wonderful wonderful thing and has a lot to do with why we have never lost it all to the dark forces). This has nothing to do with walking around feeling self-enlightened or being pretentious nor does it have anything to do with being a pacified push-over nor a spiritual narcissist. So you can see how this meme distracts people from doing good and obfuscates a truth while having a grain of truth within it. The other example from the New Age crap is a New Ager might say you have to "heal" and project "happy thoughts" into the cosmos so you can "heal" in this lifetime. You can see where this one is going, "everything is about you, focus on yourself and take no action", which takes you right out of the fight against tyranny. As Einstein said "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". So this one then takes the idea of having a positive attitude and uses that to squash concern, planning ahead or letting a healthy fear be a motivator in your life. The emotions of righteous anger or fear are there for a reason people as you are suppose to act upon them, not suppress them and go into a delusional form of denial.

From what I have noticed with my involvement with ET's and the numerous cover-ups involved with this is there are often 2 layers to a lie that are covering up a truth. I'll give 2 quick examples here and you will have to do your own research then to see if you accept what I'm saying here.


Chemtrails are said to be contrails and are nothing to be worried about. Then after you research into that a bit you find out they are "performing research into combating global warming", then after I did more research and discussed this with the Anunnaki I have come to find out it is the electromagnetic properties of the metals in the Chemtrials that can be used for producing holograms more easily and for the use in detecting cloaked tech and a few other things to but they all have to do with electromagnetic phenomenons. So there are the 2 lies on top of the real, and far more interesting, truth of the matter.

911 And The Question Of How The Towers Fell

From what I have figured out here this is another Dis-Info Package with two lies covering up the truth. The first lie is that burning jet fuel bent the beams and this resulted in a critical failure of the structural integrity of the floors just above the incursion points and when they collapsed it induced a pancake collapse and that took the entire buildings down. The next lie is that it was Nanothermite or Nanothermate within the towers that detonated and destroyed the towers in a controlled demolition. I do not argue that there was indeed one of these explosives in the buildings that was likely put there by Bushs' brother and his elevator maintenance company that was working in the towers weeks ahead of 911, but I do argue that this was a second level of cover-up for the conspiracy theorist to fall for. What I think did happen is a space age weapon known as a scalar weapon was used to destroy the towers. The reasons I think this is true is that cars near the towers had the metal hoods on them burned likely from reflected radiation off of the towers and also because I have some understand of what a scalar weapon is. Now, there is that person Judy Wood that is a proponent of this idea but if you look into what she says she comes off as a complete loon. I'm pretty sure that the reason she is the one getting notoriety over this claim is so that anyone getting the idea that it was an energy weapon will run into her and find her to be insane, thus the idea of an energy weapon being used to be not true. So, see how that works? The use of a space age weapon like that is meant to be covered-up so Nanothermite/mate was in-place to satisfy anyone not believing in the jet fuel beam bending explanation and nut job Judy Wood is there to deter people from taking seriously the the energy weapon idea.

Her ridiculously poor assertions of the energy weapon idea can be seen here on YouTube:
Judy Wood Comedy Routine

A Note About The Rest Of My Site

On the rest of my site, and a bit in this article, I proffer numerous truths and explanations about what is going on with not a whole lot of supporting stories nor a lot of "well this could be true or that is highly likely to be true or this is for sure true", type tags to the facts I offer. The reason I have left it this way is that this is the story as I understand it, these are the truths I'm functioning off of and they are the truths I have not been able to break myself, so I am accepting them. What you are supposed to go do then is all the other research on your own, if how I understand things and if what I have put forth on this site holds true, these explanations will always fit with whatever truths anyone figures out. So go do your truth seeking and keep my story in mind and it should eventually all lock in firmly. The more knowledgeable people in this field have been the ones more able to see how the explanations I am offering do fit as solutions to this wildly complicated situation Earth finds itself within.

To sum up here, take in all the info you can, debate it out, if you honestly can't answer a good question with a solid answer that you yourself understand then you have more research or thinking to do. There is nothing wrong with saying "I don't know" either, or saying "well I think it might be this or that, but I'm not totally sure yet". And as I read a couple years ago, "a good question is sometimes better than a good answer", and I will leave you with that.

Happy hunting truth seekers,

Cj Freseman

October 2015