Space Age Physics Concepts
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Physics And The Space Age

Nikola Tesla discovered the Aetheric domain nearly 100 years ago and a cover-up of real physics has existed on this planet ever since. He discovered this domain and described it as being "next to" regular 3D. He described the particles there as rotating at a "prodigious velocity".

I believe the Aetheric runs at a higher frequency rate than our regular 3D realm and therefor can be thought of running between the quantum moments of our regular 3D. This domain is where Tachyons exist which constitute what Tesla referred to as the Aetheric Wind. I think of the Aetheric as being interlaced with our regular 3D and running at a faster rate.

The Constituents Of Gravity

There are three separate phenomenons that contribute to the apparent force of Gravity:

1) The Field Interaction Of Particles With Space

2) Space Itself Creating Space

3) Tachyon Interaction

The Field Interaction Of Particles With Space

Every particle of mass exhibits a field about the particle and this field exerts a force on the particle. A particle at rest is held in position by a uniform field about the particle.

Another effect that is responsible for the apparent force of gravity is an interaction of the fields of matter with the fields of space. Think of space being able to store potential energy per distance. The more matter in a volume the more compressed space becomes and then contains more potential energy (like a spring). This compression of space pulls nearby space towards it. This collects matter into clumps and these clumps contract space gaining energy in the process. Meaning space and matter can gain potential energy.

To repeat again in different language. Space itself can be thought of as being a particle with a field with the values described by Planks Constant. The field (not the particle) of a particle exerts a compression on space itself. The fields from a particle then compress the fields of space. Since the fields of particles follow the contour of the fields of space there is a deformation of the fields of a particle that result in the particle then being pulled towards the more dense volume of space field density. This is the main driving force of gravity.

Space Itself Creates Space

The more fields from particles that exist within a volume of space, the more space is pulled together, making there be more overlapping fields of space within a region which combine to slow time down. Meaning, the more dense space is the more apposition to the rate at which time progresses occurs. This is why when near a black hole time will proceed more slowly than in the rest of the cosmos. Conversely in the astronomical community it has been discovered that space itself is generating space. This is why nearly all the galaxies are moving away from each other throughout the universe. Per quantum moment space is generating space and the regions of space that have experienced the most time would have generated the most space which would be the deepest voids of space such as the regions of space between the galaxies. These regions would have experienced the most time and generated the most space and would then be responsible for pushing the rest of the matter in the universe into the strand like collections of galaxies that we do see throughout the universe today.

Tachyon Interaction

A portion of what constitutes the apparent force of gravity is a result of Tachyons occasionally interacting with regular 3D matter. Meaning, if you have two celestial objects near each other a portion of the Tachyons that would normally be hitting on all sides of the objects will hit and reflect off of one of the celestial objects creating a net force that pushes the 2 objects towards each other. In other words, a slight decrease in the pressure applied to the 2 objects from between them will occur.

UFO Propulsion

Belgium Flying Triangle Image. This is likely of human origin. The outside lights are nothing more than lights, they are not part of the internal systems.

Basic image of an Alien Gray Flying Disc.

Nazi Flying Disc showing the three spheres that house the propulsion system.

Basic configuration of an Anunnaki Flying Triangle.

Basic configuration of an Alien Gray Flying Disc

Configuration of the propulsion system which is within the spheres as shown in the Nazi Flying Disc image.

Contrary to what most researchers of UFO propulsion contest the larger ring purported to be within a flying disc is actually the energy generation device. The propulsion mechanism is a combination of 3 rings all at right angles to each other of which there are 3 of these devices in total.

All I can say is the energy generation system interacts to gain rotational velocity from an interaction with the fields of particles from the Aetheric and the propulsion system gains momentum by pushing off of the fields of the particles of the Aetheric. The voltage pulse rate of the propulsion rings must be exceedingly quick so as to gain a non zero sum interaction with the fields of the passing Tachyons. This is all I'm going to say about this.

Space Age Energy Technologies

Years ago I was a Physics major and was hoping to work with NASA to develop exotic energy solutions and interplanetary propulsion systems. From what I have learned the tech used by the negatives around here as a result of having huge energy supplies we as humanity should not have these energy systems yet. Probably not for another few hundred years at the least. If we humans can't even control our oil companies we certainly can't control what goes on underground as a result of highly intelligent demonic minded psychopaths with all the energy they want.

Believe me when I say to you if it wasn't for the good willed ET's watching over humanity we would have been terrorized, tortured and destroyed by now by Shocktron Horror Tech you can't even imagine. I am more terrified of this stuff than I can convey. But we are being protected by someone thankfully.

Here is a short list of Shocktron Horror Tech.

1) Maser fields that induce the feeling of fear or paranoia by stimulating chemistry within the mind.

2) Holograms displaying demons, ET's, UFOs or anything really to terrify people.

3) Brain stimulation to make one see imagery when their eyes are closed.

4) Retina Burn to leave a temporary image in the eye that does not go way when one closes their eyes.

5) The warmy thing where you feel portions of your body get warm to scare people about the idea of it going red hot.

6) The Hell Burn that induces the feeling of being on fire and paralyses the victim.

7) Paralysis inducing brain stimulation.

8) Fake audio.

9) Maser tech that stimulates the fluid within the eye to make things appear to move or shape shift a bit to scare the victim.

The reason for listing this stuff is so Humans can get a grasp on how dangerous real physics is, why we should not have the big boy energy solutions, and why we need to pay way more attention to what is going on underground. One can imagine the misery one would be in being a victim to this stuff and on a mass scale and what this could do to a population within a city or world wide. The fact that this stuff hasn't happened more than to a small number of individuals on the surface of Earth or has been held back to have only occurring during underground battles demonstrates that there have been friendly forces holding back a mass scale Armageddon Shocktron Onslaught against humanity for decades.

What we should focus on is a less ransomed and more fair distribution of fossil fuels and a massive development of wind power, solar power and wave power. The development of solar panel roads is a brilliant idea. Also, there is a simple mechanism for extracting momentum from ocean waves near the shore line. These solutions can power the planet and then fossil fuels can be used less extensively (used as needed), not as the main power source. The Grays have said to me that using the lowest tech for the job is the best way to go; we should try to apply this reasoning to our energy needs on this planet.

Why There Is No Time Travel

Time proceeds in one direction and is a cause and effect process. The energy (particles and fields) around us now is the same energy as it was a moment ago and we all ride through time with it. There is no past still in existence. Think of time as a vibration, sometimes it can go slower and sometimes it can go faster but that only means the volume of space itself has experienced more time or less time in relation to another volume of space meaning, now, is always now, everywhere.

The converse idea, that time travel is real, can be undone by the following examinations.

1) Any time travel event would create a new time line and this would require the energy in the universe to double each time. If you went back in time one minute things right from that moment would start to change from the original time line. You would have 2 timelines then each containing the energy of the original universe. Meaning each backward time travel event would have to double the energy in the cosmos; this is impossible.

2) If time travel was possible we would see an irrational cosmos around us. This would be because as soon as someone started to travel backwards in time someone else would start to chase them and that would cause the both parties in this chase to disrupt the cause and effect based history of the cosmos. You would end up with more and more incongruities throughout history and time the longer the chase went on for and it would inevitable lead back to time=0 and nothing in the cosmos would make any sense.

Another way to look at this is, if an individual with the capability to travel backwards in time failed at the first attempt to achieve whatever it was they were trying to achieve they would simply try again by going back even just one nano-second prior to the previous attempt. This could go on and on a near infinite number of times with each attempt disrupting more so and more so the cause and effect sequence of the cosmos. This backwards race then would eventually and inevitably lead back to time=0 with the rest of the future in total chaos. When we look out into the cosmos and even our daily lives we do not see such circumstance around us therefor there is no time travel.

3) There is a model for time travel that some know of that is more difficult to break that deals with the idea that our soul extends through time as a stream of consciousness. That all of the cosmos is a set thing that only your actions and backwards time travel can modify. However, there would be inconsistencies in the soul memory within one lifetime if this was happening around anyone's life. Your soul would have to have the circumstances around it change all of a sudden at one point in time and this is not what is being found in the soul memory by spirits that have looked into this.

4) If you believe in God, in your opinion would you expect God to have created a Cosmos where people could undo the results of their own mistakes or one where you had to be responsible for your own actions? I'll leave you to answer that one for yourself.

Extra-Dimensions, Reincarnation And The Soul


The spacial domains containing our 3D Universe are the extra dimensions.

To deconstruct this to a 2D analogy envision a piece of paper floating in a 3D room. The domain occupied by the paper is the 2D reality of the beings living in that particular 2D "reality". Next picture the paper in the shape of a sphere. Meaning, this 2D reality actually exists in a 3D reality but the beings within the 2D reality wouldn't easily know this.

This can be extrapolated back to a 3D reality which is folded around on itself within a 4D reality. This 4D "Hyper-Volume" is a completely different spacial reality than our minds can comprehend but beings existing there would not have such limitations. Beings occupying this Hyper-Volume would be able to view a portion of a 3D volume in every direction from every point within that volume simultaneously. The following image is a 3D analogy of a hyper-volume containing a 3D volume were the outer bubbles are the hyper-dimensions.

Where The Soul Dwells

The soul exists in the 3D Aetheric and the Multidimensions. These higher dimensions are the dimensions that String Theorists are eluding to. I use the term Multidimensions to describe the more easily accessible dimensions of the higher dimensions. Beyond these dimensions are the Hyperdimensions where only the most developed, strong souls are able to access. Love, in one sense, has to do with the purity of the souls' geometric composition which allows for the highest of frequencies to align within the soul. I know this sounds like "New Ager" language (which is upsetting) but this is apparently the case. The converse (to be full of hate) results in a more scrambled composition of geometries and frequencies thus acts as a limiting factor on soul size/density/capability (which is a wonderful wonderful thing and has a lot to do with why we have never lost it all to the dark forces; the most powerful good guys will always be stronger than the most powerful negatives). The more "tightly comprised" and of the "highest frequencies" a soul becomes the more access to higher dimensions one can reach and eventually can be enough to push into the Hyperdimensions. Access into the Hyperdimensions allows a soul to be able to look within lesser souls, have access to the most "degrees of freedom" in terms of movement and vision and to experience many many more aspects of reality that I am not aware of.

The soul is tied to the regular 3D body via locations in the brain that allow for an interaction between the soul and the synaptic activity of the brain. The structure of the soul is pinged during fetal development and this interaction reflects to the brain of the fetus and is responsible for some of the structure of the Cerebral Cortex. This is what allows you to feel like you in any lifetime in regular 3D. As any species that you live as in regular 3D you will exhibit aspects of that species' traits combined with aspects of your souls' personality. If you are needing more resiliency to your soul, living as a Reptilian would be a good idea, or if learning to be smart and playful again living as a healthy Gray could be just the ticket.

Each lifetime then mildly to greatly (depending on the lifetime) changes the geometry of your soul and changes who you are. Terrible events in a lifetime can scar the soul and this can take thousands of years to heal from. Think of anger, hate or way too much stress as adding to the soul chaotic geometry which can darken the soul. Or conversely having wonderful triumphs or feeling loved adds smoother more pure geometries to the soul. Living a high endurance lifetime then would add endurance to the soul and so on. Sometimes living a lifetime of constant frustration can wear out the anger in a soul such that a following lifetime on a healthy planet will be more appreciated. Or living on a planet with a huge amount of tyranny can get the soul to again want to fight tyranny rather than participating in it. The Odyssey truly is the story of the soul.

Cj Freseman

September 2015