The Abduction Phenomenon
H o m e
A r t i c l e s
 Y o u T u b e
F a v o r i t e s
C o n t a c t

T H E     A B D U C T I O N     P H E N O M E N O N

Why They Abduct

From what I have learned from my experiences there are a number of goals behind the motivation for the ET's to abduct individuals. Most of this has happened during the last 70 years during the build up to the anticipated spiritual war. All of us have existed a very long time and have lived many lifetimes in regular 3D within the Orion System which Earth is part of and all of us have a history in the spiritual domains also. Both friendly and negative ET forces have performed abductions of humans in an effort to determine who your soul is. The reason that the ET's wanted to figure out who was who was in preparation for an upcoming Orion System war that was both in regular 3D and in the spiritual dimension. A great deal of deception can occur in the spiritual domains and friendly forces often loose track of were everyone's soul is at and would need to relocate everyone (both friendly and negative) during the time leading up to the massive war. Negative spirits wanted to know where their assets were and where the souls of those they wished to hurt were at. The negative ET's would then be able to pass this information on to the arriving negative spirits. Friendly ET's and spirits also needed to locate those whom they would be protecting and working with in the upcoming war so abductions by friendly forces also were necessary. See my article Aliens, Abductions and Spiritual Warfare for a full description of how this all unfolded and how I was involved.

Multiple groups could abduct the same individual as most groups were operating independent of each other. This means you could have been abducted by Insectoids, multiple Gray groups and multiple Reptilian groups. Anytime an abduction event has taken place a risk was taken by the group performing the abduction either versus other friendly or other negative forces. Sometimes apposing groups would agree to work together during an abduction so both groups could gain the same knowledge about an individual in order to reduce the risk of being attacked by each other or by other groups.

The determination of who the souls is that is within an individual has to do with awakening the soul a bit and then stimulating the individual with names, sounds, and images that they are guessing will trigger a memory of the soul that they are guessing that individual has within them. To cover up the experience of having a soul memory triggered during an abduction the individual will have implanted memories or "screen memories" of something else happening during the abduction. Often, if someone has had a UFO event that seemed focused on them, at some point during the event the person was likely abducted and much of the UFO encounter memory was not real.

Negative ET's would also attack the brains of individuals giving them mental "knots". Meaning, they could re-wire some of the brain to create repetitive thoughts or "triggered thoughts" in the mind in order to mentally harass and weaken a good individual or make a criminally minded individual more dark. Sometimes friendly ET's would then abduct an individual to remove this "knot" which was a very caring and dangerous mission for them to perform.

Various black-budget or military groups from various countries have also performed abductions using alien looking robots. This was often done in an attempt to figure out what the real ET's were doing and as a form of intimidation against the individual or those around them.

Sadly there were other reasons why some people would be abducted. Sometimes they truly meant to terrify or physical hurt someone. If this happened to you my heart truly goes out to you. If you are someone they went after to hurt or terrorize just know this mean you must be a really old, strong and well-known soul for them to have been motivated enough to have gone after you like that.

Cj Freseman

September 2015