The Anunnaki
H o m e
A r t i c l e s
 Y o u T u b e
F a v o r i t e s
C o n t a c t

T H E    A N U N N A K I

The Reptilian Anunnaki

Envision a tough resilient species that reached sentience a long time ago on Earth. They lived among a dense challenging jungle and their minds were capable of a rudimentary form of telepathy. They were the Reptilians...

Reptilians evolve from a species like the Velociraptors into an advanced humanoid species with incredibly quick minds. They are extremely muscular as their muscle is far more dense than humans and are capable of a limited amount of facial shape shifting. They can alter their skin color from the standard dark green that they typically are to look either pure black through any of the skin colors that us humans can have. They retain the brain function from when their species had the snout and tail but do have human looking faces. They wear tech suits when in military operations that add the snout and tail and this interacts with their brain in a natural way that lets it feel quite real to them.

This is how they would look wearing a combat suit under regular clothing and how nearly all of us have seen them.

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This image shows the face of one of the women I interacted with and was given to me by her.

This image shows how they would have appeared to us thousands of years ago before they left the surface of Earth to let us take care of ourselves more.

They have vocal chords down much of their throat which allows them to replicate the sounds of other species and can be layered also to create a very thick and rich vocalization. Because of this they have a tendency if something is terribly funny to them to end up puking to protect these vocal chords. One night the younger sister that I have spoke of in other articles teleported outside a window near me and gave out an Anunnaki battle "KAW!". It sounded so beastly and was so loud and clear I was stunned for a moment, then I thought of the muscle density it must take to create that type of vocalization and for the first time in my life I felt reverence. I sat there for a few minutes just awe struck by the feeling of this new emotion.

Reptilians are highly competitive. You do not want to get in competition with them, they will make you regret it. They can also create lies in a heart beat. They can study someone and learn how they think such that they can quickly figure out what can be said to someone that they will believe. From my experiences with them they hold love and honor above all else, and this can often put them in a tough position when balancing secret intel vs a family member or friends.

The males are typically pretty macho and tend to error on the side of over-confidence. They are gutsy and have a vagabond badd-ass quality in general. The type of guys that one would feel solid about going into battle with. Their voices are typically lower than humans and have a full rich quality. The females are something else, exotic and seductive when they want to be and so caring when the time is right. A male or female can hold any position in their military and they all work side by side. The art of belly-dancing comes from the reptilians as the females are far more flexible than human females. The women can be kinda dark at times and you never ever want to call them cute, that won't fly.

One of their best qualities is their sense of humor. It is often vindictive in a big way. In order to handle it you have to be able to laugh at yourself, cuase you are going to get nailed on stuff for sure. The humor can be layered also, double references in a single word, or what is called a slow roller where you get the joke at first, then it hits you there is another meaning to it then it gets funny all over again. How some of them have a sense of humor like this is just beyond me. The first clue when all of this started with the telepathy tech that I was indeed interacting with an advanced species was their sense of humor. There were times of me on the floor laughing harder than I have ever laughed in my life.

They have multiple lobes in their brain. They use the additional lobes for telepathic communication. Sorta like a chat window that we use, they can share visuals, language, intent and emotion this way to whom ever they are communicating at. And btw you assholes underground with your fancy tech that you thought was reading their minds, it weren't, that was just one lobe they were letting you get and they fooled your asses that way.

They have a strong tie to their past and celebrate the stories of heroes for aeons. They also seem to carry a cultural guilt over the military loses that they have suffered earlier on this planet. They seem haunted by the past in a way and this has sometimes been used against them in terms of them getting driven into repeating doom scenarios. They won't quit or anything but they do seem to get self sacrificial at times. The way these scenarios work out with space wars and spiritual wars is that the Anunnaki get stuck in the middle of it, end up having to lie to everyone until they sort out the situation then by the time when they go to explain things to the other species no one is willing to believe them and they end up having to fight for their lives before other parties finally listen. From what I have learned this seems to be a repeating pattern with them. The good ones and the negative Reptilians are such good liars and are so good at figuring out the lies of others that other species can't seem to figure out when to finally trust them. This easily could be called "the plight of the Anunnaki".

Because of the scenario that surrounded Earth that is described in my articles The Mystery Of Ages.html and The Testimony Of My Experiences With The Anunnaki the Anunnaki took heavy loses during this. They had a large number of negatives among them and most had to create the cover of appearing to be a negative for a long time before a proper uprising against the negatives was viable. This put many of their minds through hell for prolonged periods of time and many were in incredibly stressful situations before the core good group with the true story could reach them.

When I think of all the horror stories humanity has heard about the reptilian Anunnaki I get really upset. All we here is the negative stories and about how dark they can be. The Sitchin story makes them sound like ruthless en-slavers and everyone seems so frightened of them. Then one day when talking about this with them they said, "don't get so upset about all that, we could win humanity over with just our music".

In Conclusion

Throughout this story the reptilian breeds were focused on more than any other species. They fought well and in the end did a great deal to save the day when duty called upon them to do so. As was said during this repeatedly "Reptilians don't quit".


Think of them as focused, resilient, caring, honor-bound RAPTORS.


Cj Freseman

September 2015