The Global Warming Hoax
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T H E     G L O B A L     W A R M I N G     H O A X

The Global Warming Hoax

Massive volcanoes have clouded our skies and put the planet into Ice Ages before and since the time of the Dinosaurs. This induces a much faster rate of Climate Change than this Global Warming Hoax pretends to be the cause of. Yes, in the opposite temperature direction, but have you noticed that it started as Global Warming, then as the data started to look iffy, they switched to Climate Change hinting that it could cause an Ice Age. They are trying to tell you that CO2 will put us in a Green House disaster and an Ice Age simultaneously, as a catch all. What is actually happening is the Sun is heating up for some reason and is heating us up along with the moons of Jupiter and is melting the polar caps on Mars. Please do go verify this on your own since there is no good reason to believe anything anyone has to say about this topic.

What I noticed is that Al Gore's famous "hockey stick graph" is backwards. Al "ManBearPig" Gore says that CO2 goes up then the temperature goes up. But if you look at the data it's the temperature that goes up first followed by the CO2. Meaning, historically, we heat up, then the amount of habitable area increases, followed by more plant life, which is then followed by more animal life, which then exhales additional CO2. Yes, fossil fuels increases CO2 but considering that during the early years of this planet (during the time that the Stromatolites were churning the largely CO2 composition of the atmosphere into an O2 containing atmosphere) the oceans hadn't boiled away before this, is a pretty good indication that CO2 has little effect on the temperature of the planet (I don't know this for sure, but I think that's a reasonable conclusion).

My first clue that this jackass was lying to everyone was when he did his little TED talk and said to the scientists there that the CO2 goes up and then "for some complicated scientific reasons that I don't have time to get into here" the temperature goes up. Bells and whistles went off in my head at that point as, if he isn't going to explain the science to that crowd, then something is off. So I started looking into it.

The Global Warming Scam is being used to Carbon Tax people for no good reason and prevent third world nations from industrializing. All of this is causing unnecessary suffering. We can burn oil for many many years as there are huge amounts of oil in numerous locations around the world. The USA has 200 years worth of oil in just Michigan and more and more in other states. The plan, as I figured out in 2003, was to burn the oil in other countries first while using the USA dollar as the primary currency for this, then, when the rest of the worlds oil runs out the USA would really stick it to the world by then selling its oil at ransom prices. Not that I want to use oil at all though, it's nasty stuff, hard to refine, comes with Sulfer, is hard on machinery and it doesn't seem like a good thing having this stuff trapped in cities either.

Of course, all of this will cease to matter at all if we can get the exotic energy solutions that we all know have been reverse engineered from ET tech. UFO's display incredible accelerations that in 3D appear to break conservation of energy and momentum laws. These craft must be pulling or pushing against and extracting energy from something which is likely going to be of extra-dimensional origin. This would make Tesla's Aether to be extra-dimensional thus cannot be found with the Interferometer as designed. Just another huge reason why ET Disclosure is the most important task in front of humanity today.

Beware when the government looks to care,

Cj Freseman

Originally written August 2013.