The Grays
H o m e
A r t i c l e s
 Y o u T u b e
F a v o r i t e s
C o n t a c t

T H E    G R A Y S

The Quintessential Space Alien

Grays are a unique type of life form. As apposed to how we have reptiles and insects on this planet we do not have life on this planet that is related to Gray biology. They have some similar biological traits to Insectoids in some ways and have plant-like cells. They are heavily metaphoric/symbolic thinkers and visual thinkers. They nearly always work with a pod and communicate with a pod first before communicating with others. They tend to be a bit nervous when isolated and tend to use humor to break the ice with others. A Gray can be a member of numerous pods and out of respect tend to be very good about not sharing secrets with others that the person who the secret is about wouldn't want others to know about it. As apposed to the reptilians where everyone tends to know the secret but will just hide the fact that they know it from the individual that the secret is about.

Something Grays will do in a group as a form of entertainment is they will all form a circle and walk around while creating a story in real-time. A few might say a few words then a few others will take it from there and as certain words come up that they want to punctuate they might all reach their hands into the center of the circle to touch each others hands at the time they say that word. They can do this while rhyming words at the end of a line and keep the story structured to 4 lines per stanza. Meaning, they can have telepathic communications with each other while out-loud in real-time creating a poem.

They tend to be a bit geeky and very tech driven. They love life in general and are often the species to seed life on a planet and develop much of the various lifeforms of a planet. There are numerous species of Grays and are in a high ratio throughout the galaxy. They can be thought of the life's blood of the galaxy as they work really hard to keep others from going to war with each other.

As an example a reptilian might tell you how to do something better but a Gray may try to encourage you to think of the better way by asking you questions to get you to think. They tend to be very curious about how other species think and enjoy testing others with questions rather then being totally direct about teaching someone something. They don't mind be called "it" or having them all called a "guy" as they are wildly protective of their females.

From my experiences they have a wonderful sense of humor, they love logical/illogical observational humor. If you can make a sentence that sounds illogical but yet is logical because of a unique situation you are describing they really get a charge out of it. They also love to try to get just the right technical term for something if it is also a bit humorous. They will bob their head left and right when laughing and also their tongue will stick a bit out of their mouth. In my experiences vs so many negatives the use of numbers comes up a lot and everyone knows the number 13 is a bad one. As an example of how Grays diffuse situations like that, the number 13 came up and a Gray said "ahh, lucky number 13 aye?" Grays will also say that phrases like "Ohh Nelly" to depict being slightly overwhelmed in a humorous way. Another time when I was communicating with them and we started to talk about an awful time when myself and them were terrified of a situation the Gray said "boy, those were the days". All in all they are really enjoyable to get to know.

I was driving on a highway and I noticed a Gray flying disc that had landed on (or was hovering just above) a water tower. The disc had 2 lights switched on, on the side facing me in the middle of the craft. The Anunnaki had been communicating with this group of Grays and the Grays had been listening to the Anunnaki communicate with me for a period of time before hand. I had been joking around with the Anunnaki prior to this and really having some fun conversations with them. This resulted in the Grays dropping their defensive guard and deciding to let themselves enjoy communicating with the Anunnaki and a contactee whom simply just loved aliens. As an Anunnaki flying triangle approached from my left towards the flying disc atop the water tower (with the 2 lights on) the 2 groups pretended to have a fight, I could see indicators and sound effects of a fight between the 2 ships and to indicate that the Grays had taken damage they switched off one of the lights on the craft. I exploded into laughter. The whole situation was so heart warming, 2 forces at war with each other and because they simply wanted to get away from all the negativity for a while (and this Gray group must have been just sick of the whole situation) we all got to just have some space age fun for a while. Isn't that wonderful?

They tend to slurp. They enjoy drinking fluids from a straw a great deal of the time and the food they enjoy is typically a bit bland compared to us or the reptilians.

Gray elders, on the other hand, tend to be very formal and serious and speak with a lower pitched voicing that has a lot of power to it. Soon as you hear it it's time to be serious and listen up. They were very efficient with their language and very direct.

When Grays go negative they often build clones and get overly dependent on tech. Negatives will spend most of their time arguing with each other and nit picking each other and they are not able to agree on complicated plans anymore. Thus their strategies get less creative and they are willing to loose massive numbers of clones to achieve a victory. They can obsess over building tech and can get taken advantage of by other species that want the Grays to build them tech. They have a difficult time breaking free of negative plans as they are so group orientated. They start to do this Gray thing where they stop showing or conveying emotion and will walk and move very slowly. I call this the Gray Shell Mode. They really change when they get like this and almost can't be thought of as being Grays in a way. They can be rescued from this if they aren't too far gone by others getting them out of the situation so they can begin to heal up and break back into feeling free.

Grays tend to use a scaled democratic governmental system on their home worlds. Each Gray can vote on a decision but senior Grays will have more points to their vote. This system will work for a while until too many senior Grays have too many points and then the system crashes and they start over.

Cj Freseman

September 2015