The Lies Of Zecharia Sitchin
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T H E     L I E S     O F     Z E C H A R I A     S I T C H I N

Why The Zecharia Sitchin "Anunnaki" Story Is Bullshit

1) There is no Nibiru. The planet would be incredibly cold and this would not be a good environment for the chemistry needed for life to live or evolve. All the talk is about what Nibiru would do to Earth if it came into the inner solar system, but think of what would happen to Nibiru if it came in towards the sun every 3,600 years. It would heat up and itself have massive earthquakes which would likely reset life on the planet in the first place. If a massive planet was coming into the inner solar system every so often the nearly circular orbit of the Earth would have become highly elliptical by now and the Asteroid Belt would be highly scatter also.

2) Reptilians don't live for hundreds of thousands of years as the story claims. From what I have learned from the Anunnaki live between 150 or 200 years at most.

3) If the Anunnaki needed help mining gold couldn't they have built machines and robots to do the work?

4) The claim that a life is shorted by living near the inner solar system makes no sense. Special Relativity doesn't work that way.

5) A space fairing civilization that has access to exotic energy solutions can build Gold or any element via artificial means and technological access to the Aetheric dimension; they don't need our gold.

6) The story was created to be as highly offensive to the Royal Anunnaki from ages ago and mislead people as to what the Anunnaki are like as a form of intimidation towards humanity.

What Is True

The reptilian Anunnaki blended some of their DNA with a species of hominid that lived in Mesopotamia 17,000 years ago. This is how humans throughout the galaxy come into existence, it is standard practice. Humans on Earth prior to that were from the last round that were lost 47,000 years ago due to the Orion War that was occurring then and as a result a volcano was let loose and this is what lead to the last Ice Age.

Originally we humans were less advanced and more primal so the early generations of us were enslaved and given basic culture. This is typically how a new sentient species is initially nursed up from their inception. They had us toil in the mines and haul stones around to build the pyramids; basically as something for us to do. We were given a variant of the new age theosophy as our first religion and the other religions we have now stem off of that. This is why the new age theosophy lines up with specific aspects of the major religions of the planet as the memes are, in essence, genetically related.

The first human I do believe was named Adamu and most of the names of the Anunnaki in the Sitchens story were real people but from a different era 47,000 years ago.

My guess is that the early Earth was hit by another large planetoid. This would have hit Earth on the opposite side from where Pangaea originally was and caused Pangaea to exist in the first place as the impact would have pushed the surface on the opposite side of the impact outward. Since then the continents have been spreading out and heading towards the impact location as this is where the plates in the Pacific go into the Earth filling in the whole left by the original impact. This stirs the molten core of the planet and helps to maintain the Magnetic field of the Earth keeping it hospitable for life. My understanding is this was accomplished by the Grays in order to make Earth a viable planet for raising up both Human and Reptilian species, meaning Earth is a birthing planet for new species.

The Sitchin stories are a combo of some truths, some miss-translations and certainly deliberate lies in order to scare people, mislead people and offend the Anunnaki. It was created by Sitchen, the CIA and the Masons. I suspect that all the personalities of today that gain any sort of notoriety in the ancient aliens genre must be Masons and are required to promote much of the Sitchen story. So watch for that and decide for yourself if you think this is true or not.

Cj Freseman

September 2015