The Mystery Of Ages
H o m e
A r t i c l e s
 Y o u T u b e
F a v o r i t e s
C o n t a c t

T H E    M Y S T E R Y    OF    A G E S

The Mystery Of Ages And The Procession Of The Equinoxes

The polar axis of Earth wobbles slowly during a 25,900 year cycle. The constellation of the Zodiac sign that the axis is leaning toward at any given time is referred to as the "Age" or "House" that the Earth is in at that time.

Each age takes about 2150 years to go through and as each age begins a prophet or messiah is chosen to be the individual ushering in the new age. For the beginning of Judaism it was Moses and occurred as the axis pointed toward the constellation of Aries "The Ram" and this is why the Rams Horn is important to the Jewish faith. For Christianity it was Jesus as the axis of Earth pointed towards the constellation Pieces (The 2 Fish) and is why the fish symbol is prevalent in the Christian faith. Next will be the Age Of Aquarius starting in 90 years or so as best as I can figure out. This should be the time that the real space age begins for Earth.

The reason for sticking to a defined time table was that Earth, and several other pre-space age planets with a developing species growing up on them, are all part of an Orion System wide plan to lure in a massive number of dark spirits that were hiding outside of the galaxy. The time just before and just after ET Disclosure for a planet is when the most dark forces and hidden tech can build up on a planet and when the most consternation can occur for and around the planet. Repeatedly, the Orion System has been the battleground for spiritual warfare that would be the cause for Extraterrestrial warfare on a grand scale and for several hundred thousand years a grouping of dark spirits have been causing disasters on a system wide scale and escaping until the next trap was set for them. There was an Orion System war 800,000 years ago of massive scales and another 385,000 years ago and now this one.

In more recent times the Anunnaki lost their fight 47,000 years ago to raise up several human and human-like species on Earth during an Orion System war, there was another Orion system-wide war 23,000 years ago and again during the time of the Great Flood when much of the population of Earth had to be wiped out by comets to stop a global war of the humans that was induced by dark spirits that couldn't be stopped despite the best efforts of the Anunnaki.

Each time these wars have broken out the intention was to catch these negative spirits but they were mostly escaping after the disasters they caused occurred. So again we find ourselves in another massive Orion System War in an effort to catch them. The Mayan calendar long count reset marked the planned beginning of this one.

Cj Freseman

September 2015